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    We are excited to off​er you​ the following products:



    With our 60 years’ experience in life insurance the Land Bank Life Insurance Company has tailor made offerings for farmers. With 27 financial centres and satellite offices around South Africa the Land and Agricultural Bank of South Africa’s nationwide footprint and resources enable provision of insurance services to the whole country.

    Land Bank Life Insurance Company secures the wellbeing of your family and offers you financial peace of mind. We truly understand your life insurance needs and make it our objective to meet them.

    The Land Bank Life insurance is the best way of ensuring that your farm gets retained by your family members and that they have the necessary funding and equipment to carry on farming when you are no longer there. It provides you with peace of mind knowing that your family will not struggle without you and your legacy will live on.

    Although it is a subject most people choose to avoid, it is inevitable that some members of your family will outlive you and what better legacy to leave them than a debt free inheritance. Land Bank Life Insurance Company can offer you a level term life insurance policy or a Declining Term Insurance Policy.

    FSP: 45148 An authorised Financial Services Provider

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    Asset insurance Covers everything that has to do with your farming requirements, i.e. vehicles, fencing, irrigation systems, machinery, livestock, computers etc. Your Assets will be insured against fire, flooding, theft and natural disasters amongst other risks. We insure it all by ensuring that owning assets is financially safer.​

    Crop insurance Gives you financial security and protection on your investment. The product covers you in case of crop failure due to excessive; hail, frost, wind and physical damage to the whole or part of your insured crop, which will mean your loss of income.​​

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